Ford Fusion: Active Park Assist (IF EQUIPPED) / Parallel Park Out Assist

The system steers your vehicle out of a parallel parking space. You control the accelerator, gearshift and brakes. The system visually and audibly guides you out of a parallel parking space.

Note: This system is not intended to assist when exiting a perpendicular parking space.

Ford Fusion. Parallel Park Out Assist Press the button once when your vehicle is stationary in a parallel parking space.

Note: If you did not use active park assist to parallel park your vehicle, pressing the button once selects parallel park. You must use the information display to select park out assist.

The system displays a message instructing you to switch a direction indicator on. Use the direction indicator to select which side of your vehicle you want to exit the parking space. The system displays instructions to move your vehicle backward and forward in the space.

Note: If the system detects an object is very close to your vehicle and it may be unsafe to continue the maneuver, it may instruct you to stop your vehicle. The system may not provide any further instruction. Steering assistance continues to operate but you must decide if it is safe to continue the maneuver.

Ford Fusion. Parallel Park Out Assist

After the system directs your vehicle to a position where you can exit the parking space in a forward movement, a message appears instructing you to take full control of your vehicle. Generally, hand-over is when your vehicle is still inside the parking space.

Note: Parallel Park Out Assist may not be available when the clearance to the front or the rear of your vehicle is too small.

Note: If the vehicle speed exceeds approximately 6 mph (9 km/h), you interrupt the maneuver, or the system switches off, you must take full control of your vehicle.

Note: You are responsible for controlling your vehicle and making sure the path is clear prior to pulling into traffic.


Ford Fusion. Parallel Park Out Assist

Ford Fusion. Parallel Park Out Assist

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