Hyundai Kona: Lighting System / Components and components location

Component Location

1. Head lamp (Low)
2. Head lamp (High)
3. Daytime Running Light (DRL)
4. Turn signal lamp
5. Fog lamp
6. Door mirror lamp
7. Vanity lamp
8. Map lamp

1. Tail lamp
2. Back up lamp (LHD) / Rear fog lamp (RHD)
3. Turn signal lamp
4. Lisence lamp
5. High mounted stop lamp
6. Room lamp
7. Rear fog lamp (LHD) / Back up lamp (RHD)

Specification Item Type Bulb Watt (W) Front Head lamp Halogen Low ...

Head Lamps Components and components location
Components [Standard (LED) 1. Head lamp (Low) 2. Head lamp (High) 4. Dust cap [Standard (LED)] 1 ...

Other information:

Hyundai Kona (OS) 2018-2021 Service Manual: Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Trouble Symptom Probable cause Remedy Vehicle pulls to one side Scoring of driveshaft ball joint Replace Wear, rattle or scoring of wheel bearing Replace ...

Hyundai Kona (OS) 2018-2021 Service Manual: Head Lamps Repair procedures
Head Lamp Aiming Instructions [Mechanical Aiming] The head lamps should be aimed with the proper beam-setting equipment, and in accordance with the equipment manufacturer's instructions.    ...

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