Hyundai Kona: MFC(Multi-Function Camera system) / Description and operation

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Functions of MFC
Multi-Function Camera (MFC) supports the following functions using the information (lane, light source, vehicle and pedestrian) detected by the front camera and the vehicle's signal information (CAN communication).
Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) : If it is judged that the vehicle leaves the road during driving, the driver is warned of the danger and the steering is controlled in order to prevent the accident. The LKA provides visual / audible / tactile warning to the driver if it is determined that the lane departs from the lane in consideration of the lane and road boundary information recognized by the MFC and whether or not the turn signal lamp operates.
However, the MFC may not operate normally in the limit situation where the lane and road boundaries can not be recognized.
High Beam Assist (HBA) : High Beam Assist (HBA) controls the operation of the high beam in order to maximize the front visual range while minimizing casting the glare on other drivers at night and under low light conditions. The system uses the front camera to detect whether there is any light source from the front or oncoming vehicle or street light. The system turns off the high beam if there is a light source and turns on the high beam if there is no light source. However, when the front camera is unable to detect the surrounding situation, the system may not operate normally.
Forward Collision Warning (FCW) : Forward Collision Warning (FCW) warns the driver and controls the vehicle's brake/steering in order to avoid forward crash with an obstacle while driving. In order to allow operation of the system, the MFC transmits the detected information about the front vehicle and pedestrian to the front radar using CAN communication.
System Operation
The functional requirements of MFC are as follows:
Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)
It operates when the LKA function is set and the vehicle speed is over 60 km/h.
(LKA Function Setting : LKA Switch ON, USM LKA Mode)
The lines should be clearly separated, and both lanes should be detected.
The driver's hand should be placed on the steering wheel and the function is canceled if ignoring the steering force when the LKA function is activated.
LKA will operate If the lane change is made arbitrarily while the turn signal lamp and emergency light switch are OFF.
LKA operates at a lane width of 2.8m or more and 4.3m or less.
If the vehicle crosses more than 40% of the width of the vehicle, it is judged that the lane is deviated to change the lane and the LKA function is canceled.
In the following cases, the LKA may not operate.
When driving on a steep curve
Sudden braking or sudden change of lane
When the ESC / VSM function is working
Smart High Beam Assist (HBA)
If the light switch is pushed to the instrument panel, the high beam is turned on and the HBA is OFF.
Operates when the vehicle speed is more than 45 km/h.
Details of the operation according to the state of the lighting switch during operation of the Smart High Beam Assist (HBA) system are as follows:
If the light switch is pushed to the instrument panel, the high beam is turned on and the HBA is OFF.
If the light switch is pulled up with the high beam being turned off, the high beam is turned on and HBA remains ON. (When you release the hand, the switch moves to the center and the high beam is turned off.)
When the light switch is turned on with the high beam turned on by the HBA, the high beam is turned off and the system is released.
If you turn the light switch from AUTO to the headlight position, the high beam is turned off and the system is released.
During HBA operation with high beam is turned on, the headlamp automatically switches to the high beam off state if:
Detecting the headlights or tail lights of an approaching vehicle
Detecting the headlights or tail lights of an approaching vehicle
Detecting the headlights or tail lights of bicycles and motorcycles
The surroundings are bright enough not to turn on the headlights
There is a street light or other light in front
The light switch is not in the AUTO (auto light) position
The HBA is turned off
The vehicle speed is reduced to 35 km/h or less
Even if the HBA operating condition is satisfied, it does not work in the weekly time zone.
Recognizes the lamp source of the preceding vehicle in normal nighttime environment and automatically high beam turns on or off.
Components and components location
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Repair procedures
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