Ford Fusion: Vehicle Care / Vehicle Storage. Body Styling Kits

Ford Fusion 2013–2020 Owners Manual / Vehicle Care / Vehicle Storage. Body Styling Kits

Vehicle Storage

If you plan on storing your vehicle for 30 days or more, read the following maintenance recommendations to make sure your vehicle stays in good operating condition.

We engineer and test all motor vehicles and their components for reliable, regular driving. Under various conditions, long-term storage may lead to degraded engine performance or failure unless you use specific precautions to preserve engine components.




Fuel system

Cooling system

Disconnecting Your 12 Volt Battery

Note: It is necessary to reset memory features if you disconnect the battery cables.




Removing Vehicle From Storage

When your vehicle is ready to come out of storage, do the following:

Contact an authorized dealer if you have any concerns or issues.

Body Styling Kits

The distance between the underside of your vehicle and the ground is less than that of other models. Drive with extreme care to avoid damage to your vehicle.

Repairing Minor Paint Damage. Cleaning the Wheels
Repairing Minor Paint Damage Authorized dealers have touch-up paint to match your vehicle’s color. Your vehicle color code is printed on a sticker on the front, left-hand side door jamb. Take you ...

Wheels and Tires
The recommended tire inflation pressures are on the tire information label on the driver side B-pillar. Check and set the tire pressure at the ambient temperature in which you are intending to dri ...

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